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Painting processes

How do we relate to art – is it only the resulting work that speaks to us, or does the process behind an artwork matter to how we perceive it? The Swedish visual artist Andreas Ribbung presents a documentation of the painting processes behind his artworks. The reader can browse through different stages of the paintings and see how they emerge and transform. The visual imagery is accompanied by a curatorial text by the Czech artist and curator Alice Máselníková, an interview with the artist and a series of experimental poetic reflections that complement the paintings.

To be able to witness the process of how an artwork has come to life is not only special, but it also contributes to our deeper understanding of the artwork, and of the artist, his thoughts, conceptualisation and progress. For an artist to focus on the process can lead to better recognising his strengths and weaknesses, technical and conceptual developments, good or unfortunate steps that were taken and what effects they have had on the finished work, but also to gaining a better overall understanding of their own art practice. Ribbung’s fascination seems to be rooted in trying to capture the fluid uncountable possibilities of a painting: all those paths that a painting could have taken, but it has not. When did the decision point take place? Was this the best path – or was it the worst possible path taken? When does an artwork begin and end? (...) In a way it is a twisted version of a struggle towards perfection; obsessively documenting each step and comparing, judging and discussing what has never become. .

Size: 235 x 178 mm
Pages: 80
Format: hardcover
Edition: 650
Language: English
Images: Andreas Ribbung, 64 paintings on paper (colour), 3 photographs
Editor: Alice Máselníková
Text: Alice Máselníková, Andreas Ribbung
Printing: Printon, Tallinn, Estonia
Publisher: Andreas Ribbung, Stockholm
Year: 2020
Weight: 395 gr
ISBN: 978-91-519-7632-7
Printed with generous support from the Längmanska Culture Fund.


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Throughput, tempera and acrylic on fibreglass tissue, 21 x 26 cm. Documentation of painting process.
About the editor and writer Alice Máselníková:
Alice Máselníková is a Czech visual artist and curator based in Stockholm. She is one of the three creative directors of Supermarket – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, founder of the artist-run initiative Flat Octopus, project leader of Artist-Run Network Europe and coordinator of the European network of artist-run spaces AIM Network. She also works as freelance curator, editor and cultural funding advisor. She holds a BA (Hons) in Art and Philosophy from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Arts and Design, Dundee; MA in Curating Art from Stockholm University; and studied Bellas Artes at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.